8 Tips for Upping Your Career Ante In 2016

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Investing in yourself for taking your career to the next level is always the most important thing. No matter at what stage in your career you may be, here are some tips that will help you in upping your career ante in 2016.

Innovation and invention

You can consider innovation a global currency that you can spend almost anywhere. You will witness exponential growth in your career opportunities if you can help in driving innovation within your teams.


Take responsible risks

When you are able to bring some sort of accountability in the decision-making process, it ensures that you will be making responsible decisions with very calculated risk factor. When you’ll learn the trick of the trade it will take you a step further in your career.



You need to navigate through all possible aspects of the current scenario that you may be facing. You should be able to look into whatever is less obvious. Develop skills of keen observation in yourself and sharpen your intuition further to progress well in your career.


Set some new goals

Just think hard to determine where you’d like yourself to be in 2016 as far as your career is concerned. You might be eying an external job or a promotion or you may just be trying to master your current job. Devise steps to achieve the goals you have set.


Leverage office holiday parties

If your employer throws a party, ensure that you use it to the best of your potential. Find the leadership and take time to give them an introduction. Mingle with the executives on the team and dine with the colleagues.


Learn your way to professional development

You should have a proper strategy as to which skills you’d like to develop. Create next year’s educational calendar that you’d like to pursue. Look for courses both internally and externally. Get enrolled in some good professional development programs and make most out of it.


Recap your accomplishments from last year

It is important to take a look back and determine what you had accomplished last year. See what situations you faced and how you dealt with them. Also find out any setbacks and work out on how you can deal with them if they arise in future. Your accomplishments will also be helpful in the job interviews that you intend to take in future.


Revise the resume

Finally, keep updating your resume whether you are looking for some job or not. When you’ll apply for jobs with most updated resume that even features the skills you’ve acquired most recently, you stand a better chance to bag better opportunities in future.

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