Credit Information


Compliance with other state or local regulations related to short-term loans
Max Finance takes all reasonable steps to ensure that it complies with the National Credit Act, the National Credit Code and any other applicable state laws and regulations.


Credit score / credit report
Consumer credit check will be done during the finalisation of the loan application. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.


Disclosure of APR (annual percentage rate)
Maximum Annual Cost Rate applicable under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act is 48% per annum. A full listing of fees and charges payable by the consumer to Max Finance are included in your credit contract.


Implications of non-payment
In the event that the consumer defaults on the credit contract by non-payment, Max Finance is entitled to recover all money owed by way of debt collection and/or prosecution in the relevant court or tribunal.
For secured credit contracts, Max Finance is entitled to repossess any property offered as security for the loan. Such money includes the principal, all permitted fees and charges, default fees and charges as disclosed in the contract, and interest (if applicable), plus expenses reasonably incurred in the repossession and/or debt recovery process.  Non-payment may result in your credit rating being affected.

Disclosure of renewal policy
In relation to re-loans or refinancing loans, Max Finance takes all reasonable steps to ensure that it complies with its responsible lending obligations under the National Credit Act, by not entering into an unsuitable credit contract with the consumer.