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What is a Short Term Loan?

A Short Term Loan is a loan product which elapses over a one year period. It is a great way of overcoming short term debt and financial commitments. Typically, short term loans consist of flexible repayment options which allows the borrower to quickly repay the loan amount and in turn, can reduce the interest.

Cash Amount Up to $10,000 (Personal Loans)
Up to $500,000 (Business Loans)
Pre-approval Time 5 minutes
Loan Term 12 months
  • Rental bonds
  • Pay rents
  • Bills
  • Wedding Costs

When would you require a Short Term Loan?

The nature of this type of loan is ideal for matching with short term commitments, it can provide borrowers with a range of flexibility that can allow them to extend repayment commitments through a longer time frame. Whereby, spreading payments over the course of a year it can provide the relief without needing to constantly stress over finances.

A borrower of a Short Term Loan would require this loan when they least expect it. Naturally, a commercial bank issued loan is a more common product. However, this requires a significantly longer time frame for approval. With a Short Term Loan, borrowers are able to quickly overcome those unexpected bills, holiday or wedding costs and rental bond payments that do not carry a large amount. At Max Group, we are able to extend loans from up to $500,000, with pre-approval given, in 5 minutes.

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